PM Trudeau said- Canada government against strict human rights violations in China


Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that his government would stand firm against human rights violations in China. On Thursday, the Chinese ambassador to Canada warned Ottawa not to give asylum to people coming from Hong Kong. Ambassador Kong Piu said that if Canada thinks about the 300,000 Canadian nationals living in Hong Kong and the companies doing business there, it will have to cooperate in China’s efforts to fight violence.

“We will stand firmly in support of human rights,” Trudeau said. Whether it is to talk about the troubles of the Uygar community, or about the worrisome situation in Hong Kong or the forced diplomacy of China. ” Trudeau said Canada stands with its partners around the world and the US, Australia, UK, European countries, which are concerned about human rights violations. In Canada, opposition Conservative leader Irene O’Toole said that the Chinese Ambassador should apologize or be sacked from Canada.

The Chinese ambassador’s statement is clearly like a threat to the 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong. Protests in the city intensified last year against the governments of Hong Kong and China. To suppress people’s sentiments and anger against governments, China enacted a new national security law in Hong Kong which is effective from June 30. The law prohibits separatist, subversive and terrorist activities, as well as prohibits collusion with foreign forces in the city’s internal affairs. The US, Britain and Canada have accused China of obstructing the city’s independence.

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