Petition filed in the Supreme Court against the use of hate speech in Sudarshan TV case


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The UPSC has sought permission to intervene in the case by filing an application on behalf of the wife of two Congress spokespersons in the hearing on a petition filed against Sudarshan TV Case, which broadcasts the jihad program. Sangeeta Tyagi, widow of Congress leader Rajiv Tyagi and Kota Nilima, wife of Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda, has filed an application in the Supreme Court, saying that some news anchors who indulge in hate speech should not be given the benefit of freedom of expression needed.

The petitioners have said that some well-known channels in their prime time favor only the ruling parties and the program is of communal nature. Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi recently died of a heart attack following a TV debate. The petition said that some news anchors’ hateful statements should not be given the liberty of freedom of thought expression. ‘Programs are mostly communal nature’
The petitioners say that the programs of the four major anchors of some TV shows are mostly communal nature and in favor of the ruling party. Through their counsel, both the petitioners were told that their application should be heard immediately. . His lawyer Sunil Fernandes, appearing on behalf of the petitioners, filed an application saying that looking at the situation in the current electronic media, it seems that the situation has become similar to Nazi Germany.

Notice sent to Sudarshan TV
The central government has issued a notice to Sudarshan TV, which broadcasts UPSC Jihad program, in case of violation of program code. At the same time, the Supreme Court has deferred the hearing of Namle till October 5. On September 15, the Supreme Court banned a TV channel from airing their next episode.

Supreme Court suggested self regulation
The court had said that the program seems to discredit the minority community at first sight. In the promo of the TV program, it was claimed that the conspiracy to infiltrate members of the minority community in government service was being exposed. The court said that a committee of five citizens can be set up which sets the standard for self-regulation of electronic media. The Supreme Court had questioned Sudarshan TV’s program and said that there should be a system of self regulation in the media.

Supreme Court expressed concern over the debate
The TV channel’s program claimed that the infiltration of members of a community in civil services is being exposed. A petition was filed against this program in the Supreme Court. During the hearing of the case, a bench headed by Supreme Court Justice DY Chandrachud said that the debates in some media group’s programs are a matter of concern.

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