Panther figures not revealed last year, now silence on wildlife counts


The forest department has so far avoided reporting the number of wild animals in the district.

The forest department has so far avoided reporting the number of wild animals in the district. The reason why these figures are being hidden has not been revealed. Forest Department officials give the same answer on the data that they will continue from Jaipur. But when will I be? How will you be? What has not happened yet? The curtain of Khameeshi has been put on it. How will the forest department benefit from hiding data? Discussions have also started about this, as the officials of Ajmer Forest Division did not give the figures of Panther in last year’s census.

The forest department conducted a 24-hour wildlife census on 5 and 6 June 2020. Wildlife seen from Kain in this Dairan district? How many people do they have? It has not been revealed yet. The department officials did not release the figures after this calculation. While the figures were released last year.

Officials said that even the figures are available, they will be released simultaneously from Jaipur for the entire state. On asking such questions, the officials asked for directions from Jaipur. But till now no data has been released from Jaipur for any district or forest division area.

Panthers were also included in the census on 5 June.

Officials have also kept a check on what is afraid of releasing data. The special thing is that last year, Ajmer Forest Division released the figures at the Lakel level itself. The Panther figures, like other Wildlife, were released last year, but were withdrawn shortly after release.

Then the officials said that there is something wrong with the count, later the panther will be counted separately. But even after passing a full year, the panther was not counted. Panthers were included in the June 5 count, but no wild animals have been reported so far.
There are more than 40 panthers in the district
According to sources, more than 40 panthers have been reported in this district in the calculation of this time. This panther was found to be moving in the Ajmer, Beawar, Nasirabad, Pushkar and Sarwar ranges. Of these, 2 Panthers movement was registered in Ajmer, 25 in Beawar, 10 in Nasirabad and 2 in Pushkar. But the figures have not yet been released on the authorized tar.

They say

  • I have already joined Ajmer some time ago, at the moment I do not know whether the figures were released or not? I have come out of Ajmer on holiday. – Sunil Kumar, DFO Ajmer.

Will issue soon

  • The figures will be released soon. All the systems have been affected due to Kareena. Divisional level data will also be found at the local level. – Arvindam Tamer, Chief Conservator of Forest (Chief Warden) Wildlife Jaipur.

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