Pakistan and China will get restless, second batch of Rafale Aircraft reaches India


Pakistan and China will get restless, second batch of Rafale Aircraft reaches IndiaFighter fighter plane Rafale (Photo credit – Wikimedia Commons)

The whole world is eyeing India and China at this time. Because China has done evil in the Galvan valley, since then India has stood before it. Then whether it is peace or war. India stands ready for both fronts. Looking at the nefarious plans of the neighboring countries, India is now strengthening its army even more. In this episode, the second batch of Rafale Aircraft, which blew Pakistan and China, reached India today. The second consignment of Rafale aircraft reached India at 8.14 pm on Thursday night. In this second consignment, there were a total of three Rafale aircraft, which have arrived in India by filling the Flying Non-Stop From France from France.

After the arrival of these three new fighter aircraft Rafale in the second batch, India has a total number of 8. Earlier, India had acquired five Rafale aircraft on 29 July. Who were included in the ‘Golden Arrows Squadron’ during an event held in Ambala on 10 September. Explain that India has entered into an agreement with France to acquire 36 Rafale aircraft. The total value of this deal is 59 thousand crores. Out of which India has now reached a total of 8 fighter aircraft Rafael. At the same time, other aircraft will also be handed over to India. Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Rajnath Singh warned Pakistan again, the entire POK was part of India, and will remain.

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Significantly, the inclusion of 36 Rafale aircraft in the Air Force fleet is very special. Because neither the destroyer of this destroyer fighter aircraft is with Pakistan nor with China. No country in the neighborhood has the aircraft with Rafale’s efficiency and unmatched electronic warfare system. Rafael has many such qualities that make him the era of enemies. As such, it has a maximum speed of 1.8 MAC, including high precision attack, anti-ship attack. Rafael is also compared to the American F-35 and F-22 fighter jets.

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