Outside ICICI Bank, security guards of cash vans shot 26 lakh looters


Police arrived at the notice of robbery outside the bank in Rico area and questioned the employees and people nearby.

  • The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Rico Industrial Area of ​​Shiprapath
  • Masked miscreants came by car, blockade across the city

In the Mansarovar area of ​​the city, Saturday afternoon car miscreants shot security guards outside ICICI Bank and looted millions of rupees. It is being told that the masked miscreants have looted 26 lakh rupees. However, this has not been confirmed. From the branch, this amount was kept in the box of cash van that was put in the ATM. On finding out the incident, senior officials including DCP South Manoj Kumar Chaudhary reached the spot. The entire city was blocked. Initial police investigations have found the number of miscreants driving. They are being searched on this basis.

The incident occurred outside ICICI Bank, located in the Ricoh Industrial Area. At around 2:10 pm, the cash van at the ATM reached outside the branch. There the employees came out to put money in the ATM. Then the masked crooks in a luxury car reached there.

The miscreants fired two to three bullets. A bullet was found in the cash van by the security guard. He was injured. After this, the miscreants filled the rupee in the bag and escaped with the car. Police officers are currently investigating on the spot.

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