Online Marriage: The groom marries Mumbai and Dulhan on video conferencing from Bareilly – groom and bride got married via video conferencing


Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown caused by Coronavirus, many people have postponed the dates of weddings, but there are some who are also indulging in it. One such couple got married through video conferencing.

  • The groom married Mumbai and Dulhan married Bareilly for video conferencing
  • All wedding ceremonies including turmeric and henna were played online
  • The destination wedding was planned due to the lockdown failed Then adopted this unique trick on the advice of a friend to get married

Mumbai  Due to Corona A unique online wedding took place on Sunday despite the lockdown . The groom Raja Susheen Dung took 1400 km from Mumbai and Dulhania Kirti Narang from Bareilly city of UP Married to video conferencing . The pompous wedding was attended by around 150 barayis. During the wedding, social distancing was also taken care of. Panditji, who was married to the minister, was in Chhattisgarh. Were Raipur.

Let us tell you that Sushen works in an IT company in Canada. His parents live in Mumbai. He came to Mumbai for marriage. Their destination wedding was to be held in Uttarakhand on Sunday. The resort was booked several months in advance for this. Their planning failed due to the lockdown. In such a situation, one of his friends suggested him to get married online which he and his family happily accepted.

All rituals played online

Kirti’s family is not very active on social media. That is why it took some time to persuade them to get married online. Their families are also happy to see the entire marriage happening online. Sushen and Keerthi started the wedding preparations two days ago. Other rituals including turmeric and henna were performed at home. All the family members were also involved in these through video calls.


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