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Now such users target hackers, target users of 62 countries

Microsoft Office users are the target of hackers. According to Microsoft, hackers targeted users in 62 countries. According to the information, hackers have been targeting MS Office users since December 2019. Currently, corona viruses are trying to make people their victims through phishing emails by pandemic. If you also use MS Office, then you need to be alert from fake emails. Microsoft gave this information in a blog post on Tuesday. The company said that the scam was being tried on a large scale by hackers, causing millions of Microsoft Office 365 users to fall prey.

Microsoft said in its blog post that efforts were being made to execute this fishing campaign on a very large scale. The fraudsters tried to break into the accounts of millions of Microsoft Office 365 users in a week.

Through this fishing campaign, Microsoft users were trying to break into the MS Office account of many business leaders around the world. Hackers were also eyeing the wire transfers of these businessmen.

Microsoft stated in its blog post that by taking permission from the court, it took over the domain being used by hackers. These domains were being used to send phishing emails to users.

According to Microsoft, hackers use fake domains to trap users, in which they call themselves employees of a large company. Hackers send applications via email. According to the company, these applications are quite ‘family looking’. Users who come under their pretenses inadvertently give access to their MS Office 365 account to hackers.



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