Now it looks like Kajol’s first hero, father committed suicide by shooting mother-sister


There are many stars in our Bollywood who have never been able to see the world again after being lost in the darkness of oblivion, some of them are forgotten and some still remember the world. Today, what we are going to talk about is Kamal, who emerged as one of our Bollywood’s most nosy actors, he has shown his acting in many super hit films like Zeeger, Karan Arjun and DDLJ. She made her film debut with the 1992 film ‘Bekhudi’ with our Bollywood veteran Kajol.

Let me tell you that Kamal Sadana, who was the hero of Kajol in this film, is one of those actors who are lost somewhere in the darkness of oblivion, Kamal’s life has been very volatile and he has suffered in his youth that any human being Keep shaking it till the inside. Kamal, who was dreaming of becoming a top class hero in Bollywood, did not even know that a villain had entered his life.

Kamal suffered so much at an early age that he was shaken to the inside. You will be surprised to know that father Brij Sadana shot his mother Saeeda Khan and sister Namrata on Kamal’s 20th birthday. He also committed suicide after shooting himself.

According to the news, if we talk, according to Kamal, there were often quarrels between his mother Saeeda and father Brij over something or the other. Even after the feud between the two on the night of October 21, 1990, Father Brij Sadana opened fire on Kamal before his license gun, but he somehow escaped from there. This incident had a profound impact on Kamal’s heart and mind. To overcome this, he had to resort to psychiatric council gender.

Kamal still remembers that terrible night, saying that he does not know why his father did it. There have been many such stars in Bollywood who have never encountered the world again after being lost in the darkness of oblivion. Perhaps in the coming years, Kamal will once again come to us as a director or actor, but for the moment he has kept distance from the silver screen.

Despite the failures and family shock in the films, Kamal has not broken yet, he has continued his efforts and has made his special place on the small screen. In 2006, he started getting recognition in the serial ‘Kasam Se’. He then worked in several serials, with Kamal directing in the 2014 film Tigers of Sundarbans.

Now he is having a good time with his family, Kamal Sadana married makeup artist Lisa John, they have two children, a 13-year-old son Angad and an 11-year-old daughter named. Now she is very much in life Is happy

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