Not a single cockroach, rat and ant will remain at home, these 10 tips are amazing


Almost every house is troubled by the terror of rats, flies and mosquitoes. People take all measures at their level to get rid of them. Sometimes these remedies do not work. The problem remains the same. Famous Vaidya Ganesh Prasad Vishwakarma and Ayurvedacharya Arun Shukla of the city say that remedies for these problems are also hidden in Ayurveda and home remedies. By adopting them, one can get rid of the problem easily.

Tips are simple and cheap

Vaidya Sitaram Dubey says that there is an outbreak of mosquitoes, flies, mahoo and insects falling in this category, especially in the beginning of summer. They can be avoided by adopting small measures. The summer season has knocked. Come, some such effective and effective remedies that you can get from Vaidyas, which can get rid of rat, ant, fly and cockroach etc. Know 10 such tips that are useful for everyone….

1: Trouble with mice: To escape the mice, spread pepper seeds in the places where they hide. Rats will be out of the house in 24 hours.

2: The ants will not bother: If the ants want to save the kitchen stuff, cut small pieces of cucumber in front of their bill. They will disappear in a few hours.

3: Get rid of chewing gum: Many times children chew on chewing gum and also stick on clothes. The best way to remove it is to keep the cloth in the freezer for an hour. Chewingum will pass easily.

4: Ink stains will not show: To remove ink stains from the cloth, apply toothpaste to the stain, then let it dry thoroughly. Then wash like normal clothes, you will not get the price.

5: Get more lemon juice: To get more juice from lemon, put them in hot water for some time, then remove the juice, more juice will be expected.

6: There will not be a single peel in the potato: To remove the skin of the potato quickly, put boiled potatoes in cold water immediately, then the quick peels will come off.

7: Teeth will start glowing: To remove yellowing of teeth, brush with a few drops of hydrogen paroxide in baking soda. Teeth will start glowing like pearls.

8: Onion will not bring tears: Do not tear on onion, for this, cut onion while eating chewing gum. All onions will be cut without crying.

9: The pot will not smell with a smail: While placing the cabbage in the cooker, put a bread on top, the cabbage will not smell.

10: Mirror will shine: Spray cold drink sprite to clean the mirror. Everything will be cleared.

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