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Normal person should keep the used mask in paper bag for 3 days and remove it with garbage, but if you are a patient of Corona, then first understand the guidelines.

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The government has made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks to prevent corona. People are also using gloves. The normal person has to keep these masks and gloves in a pepper bag for 72 hours or three days after use. After that, it can be cut and given to the car coming for garbage collection with dry waste. These masks and gloves are neither considered Kovid vest nor Bio medical vest.

If Kovid-19 patients are…
If you are Corona positive or suspicious then it will be called Kovid West. Keep it in a separate covered bin. This Kovid West will either carry a bio medical waste car or it will be kept in a black box in the municipal waste collection vehicle. This black box waste is being collected separately at the transfer station and from there it goes to the incinerator.

Now only these waste will be considered as Kovid West
The Guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) make it clear that not everything used by the Corona Patient is a Kovid waste. Gloves, masks, syringes, thrown medicines will be considered as Kovid vest. Drain bags, urine bags, body fluid, blood soaked tissues, or cotton will also be included. Keep medicine boxes, wrappers, fruit peels, juice bottles, etc. with Municipal Waste.

Guideline… not everything used by the patient is Kovid West
Person carrying kovid vest
Arrangements are being made according to the new guideline
According to the new guidelines of CPCB, arrangements are being made. In addition to training the employees, common people will also be informed about this. – VS Chaudhary Kolsani, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation


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