No benefit found in reducing death rate of Kovid patients with Remedesivir drug: WHO


new Delhi: Remedisvir has no effect in reducing the mortality rate of Kovid-19 patients admitted to hospitals. It has been claimed by quoting the interim result of ‘WHO Solidarity Trial’. The interim findings were released on the preprint server ‘MedRXIV’ on Thursday. This means that it is under review before publication in any medical journal.


Remadecivir has no effect in reducing mortality of Kovid-19 patients


The report states that four drugs in connection with Kovid-19 had no effect on reducing mortality, smooth breathing and duration of hospitalization. In fact, remadecivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir / ritonovir and interferone were tested on 11 thousand 666 adults in 405 hospitals in 30 countries.


During the trial, 2 thousand 750 patients were given dose of Remedesivir, 954 with hydroxychloroquine, one thousand 411 with Lopinavir and 651 with Interferone and Lopinavir one thousand 412 and Interferone 4 thousand 88 patients were not used on all four medicines.


Tests on Remadecivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir and Interferone


Researchers say that the use of hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir has already been discontinued due to patients not getting any benefit. “Remedesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir and interferone did not seem to have any effect on hospitalized Kovid-19 patients as indicated by overall mortality, recovery of respiration, and duration of hospitalization,” the trial said. It is worth mentioning that in the midst of the epidemic, there were huge discussions of four medicines on Kovid-19 patients.


The World Health Organization on Friday announced the results of a six-month long comprehensive medical examination. The purpose of the test was to find out how effective the drugs currently available can be in the treatment of corona virus infection. The results showed that the drugs used during the trial of either remadecivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir / ritonavir and interferone had little or no effect on Kovid-19 patients.

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