New Experience: Gods will be unlocked freshly online and now God, digital platform will be platform


This time, the devotional spirit of watching Ramlila stage is taking more vigorously. The mind is engrossed. Just a few months ago, I had seen the telecast of Ramanand Sagar’s three and a half decade old Ramanand on Doordarshan. Whom had seen the realization of God appearing. Only then did so many people see ‘Ramayana’ that all the records of Doordarshan were broken. Naturally, this time, if the Ramayana was staged in the Sharadiya Navratri, everyone would have become more enamored with the faith. The religious saga would further enlighten children, adults, elders and elders. Today, in this period of pandemic the mind is distressed and endured by disease. A life indulged in material pleasures has stopped. There is more concern for tomorrow. In such adverse circumstances, the mind of the mind has a longing for divine devotion. Now how could Shri Ram not come in such a way, how would it have happened… The story of Shri Ram whose story is endless. There is a quadruped showing only his glory:

‘Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta. Kahin Sunahin Bahibidhi Sab Santa

It is different that in this time period, when the world is experiencing everything differently, Shri Ram will also appear online with devotional juice. As it is, the opposite circumstances are the mother of inventions and some new works. In the same way, the stage of Bhakti Rasa Anand has also changed.

Prabhu’s Leela will be seen online

Staging of the historic Ramlila and Durga Puja that has been going on for decades, is now going online. This change will also have a slightly different feel. There will be no crowd, no fair, no swing. Neither the fear of hitting shoulder to shoulder in the fair nor the taste of chaat-papadi. There is a longing for these pleasures too, but sitting in seclusion with the family and watching the stage online will also be a different experience. Just think, for decades, if only the street-dwellers close to your house were more, then you could go to see the biggest Ramlila of the city and this time you will be able to experience the online staging of Ramlila anywhere in the country. It is a matter of fact that never forgets to give a pleasant experience to a difficult period. Yes, the broadcast will not go live, starting a few days later. You can easily watch TV, mobile or laptop on anyone. Staging has been facilitated in all the states keeping in mind the limited viewership system and the rules of the Corona era, but there will be no other arrangement of entertainment practitioners except staging.

Now there will be millions of visitors

The year 2020 is becoming very rich in terms of historical events. Incidents like disturbing global epidemics are also taking place and there are also happy moments in Ayodhya like Ram temple construction is done. Perhaps that’s why this time Ramlila staging is also being done in Ayodhya city with special outline. Film stars are participating in this Ramlila and consider themselves lucky. It is more thrilling than the grandeur of this staging, which will be broadcast not only in the country but around the world. This is going to be the first time on Doordarshan and other satellite channels. Here Hanuman will be starring actor Vindu Dara Singh, Angad as MP and film star Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan Bharat, Narada as Asrani, Ahiravan will play Raza Murad and Ravana will play Shahbaz Khan. Although these artists have been staging Ramlila for many years, but this time since the stage is in Ayodhya and will be broadcast online, everyone is excited. If you believe that Subhash Malik alias Babi, president of the Ayodhya Ramlila Committee, which organizes Ramlila with film stars in Delhi every year, this time, millions of viewers will be able to watch Ayodhya’s Ramlila together. Keeping in mind the online broadcast, it will be broadcast in 14 languages.

Curiosity will be staged

Another feature that will be seen in Ramlila telecast this time is the acting between the physical distance caused by corona infection. Now scenes expressing expressions through touch are also to be fulfilled by playing the rules of safety. Be it Ramlila of Ayodhya or Ramlila of Sri Ram Indian Art Center in Delhi, the mesmerizing scenes of the Ramayana such as Charan touch, the affection of the brothers, hug in affection, and take care of the physical distance while staging scenes like Vimala during Sita Swayamvar Will go. It would be very curious to watch these scenes while keeping a certain distance. Similarly, keeping the safety in mind, this time the same artist is also playing many characters.

Unlock freshly

77-year-old director of the Sri Ram Indian Art Center, Shobha Deepak, was gripped by the Corona infection a month ago. She says, “Even though I was surrounded by this disease, but my insistence was that the tradition would not be broken. Victory was won before the stubbornness and it is a ritual of devotion. Our artists started rehearsing on Zoom before time. Though all are eight to ten years old, but Ramlila of Shri Ram Center is staged every time with an innovation. This time also, I am going to bring the rituals of two generations ahead of me, their wearing and wearing them through Ramlila stage. This time there will be a new experience of watching live on YouTube.

By the way, all the big Ramlila committee of Delhi, whether it is religious Ramlila or Navashree religious Leela, will broadcast the same old Ramlila on the screen. Similarly, in all the cities like Faridabad, Gurugram, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Moradabad, Bhopal, Orchha, Tikamadh, where Ramlila has been in vogue, the majority of last year’s Ramlila will be broadcasted online with big screens and broadcasted online. Similarly, Durga Puja celebrations are also set to be broadcast online.

Apart from Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Bangla, Oriya as well as recorded in Maithili, the language of Mithila, the birth place of Goddess Sita and seen on Facebook and YouTube after staging Ramlila of Ayodhya will be able to go.

This time the first pleasant feeling is of Ramnagari and second is that crores of viewers will be able to watch the staging this time in 14 languages ​​through broadcasting. It is indeed a matter of joy.

Vindu Dara Singh

Look at the blessings of Ram Bhakti, what wonderful rasad of devotion will flow in such adverse circumstances due to the epidemic in the country. This time in keeping with the health security in the Corona era, all of us have also done rehearsals in a different way. Now the staging will also be different.

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