New bug comes on Google Play Store, Smartphone battery is running fast


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A new bug has come with the latest update on the Google Play Store. This bug is rapidly consuming the batteries of many popular brand smartphones. Smartphones of OnePlus, Oppo and Asus are among the devices affected by this bug. Apart from this, users of select handsets of Samsung, Vivo and many other smartphone maker companies have also made similar complaints.

The reason for the arrival of this bug is not known yet. Explain that this happens due to abnormal use of CPU. Unusual use of CPU is very bad for your phone battery.Simply put, the Play Store’s download service is overdriving many mobile chipsets. Some screenshots complaining of this problem show that are strange. Users of many devices affected by this bug say that up to 70 percent of their batteries are being discharged due to the Play Store.

As we said earlier, it is not yet clear what is causing the new problem. But talking about OnePlus, the number of affected users is quite high. In particular, users using OnePlus 6 smartphones in 2018 have been greatly affected. This means that millions of people are facing the problem of battery expenditure due to this bug of the Play Store.

Google has not yet accepted this bug in the Play Store. Explain that this bug is present in the latest release of Play Store i.e. build number 22.0.18. The roll out of this version started on 24 September.

Some affected users also claim that due to the latest Google News Android app, the same problem is there in the CPU. However, the number of users making such complaints is extremely low. An update has been released in Google News on Friday.

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