NEET Result 2020 Declared: Basit Bilal topped NEET, role model for youth in terrorism affected Kashmiri


NEET Result 2020 Declared: Basit Bilal topped NEET, role model for youth in terrorism affected KashmiriResult (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Basit Bilal Khan, 18, of Jammu and Kashmir’s terror-hit district of Pulwama, has proved that the youth of Kashmir are not behind in academic excellence and are chasing their dreams for a better tomorrow. Bilal has scored 695 out of 720 in NEET exam. Significantly, the result of NEET was declared on Friday. Getting more than 96 percent marks while preparing for the exam in his native Ratnipora village is no small feat for Bilal. Internet was banned in Pulwama district due to security reasons for over 80 days during the preparation of Bilal for NEET. At the same time, the speed of internet remained limited to 2G during the remaining period, which still has not reached the home district of Bilal.

Talking to reporters about his success, Bilal said that he would like to thank God, his teachers and parents, who helped him in realizing his dream. Bilal said, “I hoped to qualify, but didn’t think that I would score so well. Bilal wants to serve people with any ability. Speaking about the problems of youth in his home district and Kashmir. He said, children get caught up in wrong and bad things, because their parents are not giving them enough time and the rest of the time forces them to take drastic steps. Also Read: – NEET Result 2020 Declared: NEET Exam Results Announced, Odisha student Shoaib Aftab made history with 720 marks, such check result on

Bilal’s success will reopen the window of hope for hundreds of local youth who feel deprived of opportunities and opportunities due to the difficult times passing through the valley. Muzaffar Ahmed, a retired principal of the college, said, “If Bilal can achieve success despite so many difficulties of the internet, precarious law and order situation and the problem of accessing academic content and assistance, I have no doubt that in the future Our boys and girls will repeat this success.

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