Naval commanders conference from today, these reasons increased dragon tension


The conference of the top commanders of the Indian Navy starts in Delhi from today. This three-day conference is important because tensions with China remain in East Ladakh. The Navy is already on operational alert in the Indian Ocean. If the situation worsens with a little on the border, the Navy is ready to destroy the enemy with full force. Battle ships, surveillance and aircraft carriers are completely out of order. Moreover, the Indian Navy is also present in the Ladakh sector. Naval special Poseidan-8I aircraft are being used for surveillance there. This conference of Naval Commanders becomes very important due to 5 big reasons between all these developments.

Preparations to fail China’s plan in Indian Ocean

The Naval Commanders’ Conference is expected to remain focused on China. The manner in which the Navy has increased surveillance in the Indian Ocean gives a clear indication that it is aware of China’s plans. The way China has increased its occupation in the South China Sea, then it will also have its eyes on it. To become global power, China will have to dominate the Indian Ocean, but here it faces the Indian Navy, which is a superpower in the region.

Plan will be made to minimize Chinese interference

Naval commanders can discuss new tactics in this conference. The Chinese Navy has indicated its move into the Indian Ocean. In such a way, how can the Navy, through its operations, throw water on the plans of the Chinese Navy, it can be discussed in the Commanders Meet.

Battle ship already ready, just waiting for signal

The Navy has deployed its deadliest warships in the Indian Ocean to challenge China. The Navy had already become cautious by giving China’s stand in the South China Sea. If China tries to show its majesty here, it will get a befitting reply. Surveillance ships of India monitor the Indian Ocean day and night. Apart from this, aircraft carriers are also deployed.

There will also be talk on Malabar Exercise

Naval exercises in Malabar will also be discussed at the commanders meeting. This year Australia is also going to be involved in this exercise. America and Japan are already there. These four countries are opening a front against China, in such a wrong step of China can turn them on the path of waste.

Government’s emphasis is on country

This conference is taking place at a time when the government’s full emphasis is on promoting indigenous in the defense sector. Being self-sufficient in this sector means that China will not have the courage to look towards India. The 101 items that India has stopped importing include everything from Navy weapons to conventional submarines. Apart from this, cruise missiles will also be made in India. According to the plan of the government, the Navy is going to get a lot of power under ‘Make in India’. The Navy is to build six next generation submarines in the country.


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