MP Bypoll Election 2020: Congress leader Kamal Nath’s slump in the election meeting, said this to Minister Imarti Devi, see VIDEO


MP Bypoll Election 2020: Congress leader Kamal Nath's slump in the election meeting, said this to Minister Imarti Devi, see VIDEOFormer CM of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath (Photo Credits: ANI)

Legislative assembly to be held in Madhya Pradesh By-elections The propaganda is at the peak, the statements of the leaders have been talked about. BJP and Congress do not want to miss a single opportunity to attack each other. This is the reason that now the tongue of the leaders is also slipping. In this episode, a statement of Congress leader and former CM Kamal Nath has come out. Taking objection, the BJP has started to surround the Congress. Actually Kamal Nath (Kamal Nath) had arrived in Dabra to address his candidate’s public meeting. Where he, in his speech, took the name of the item, not taking the name of Imarti Devi, the Minister for Women and Child Development in the Shivraj government and BJP candidate from Dabra Assembly. The video of this statement of Kamal Nath is being wired on social media.

Addressing the gathering in Kamal Nath said that he also targeted the central government, he said that they brought a law – privatizing the mandi, our Sikh brothers are sitting here, the Akali Dal also kicked them, who were such old companions. The Akali Dal said that we cannot support those who bring such a law. Bringing such a law, which can upset the future of farmers.

Watch the video of Kamal Nath: –

Right there, after Kamal Nath’s statement Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan retaliated and said that those who claim themselves to be modest persons are using such indecent language? On the auspicious festival of Navratri, the country is worshiping women, in such a way your statement mentions your petty mentality. It is better that you take back your words and apologize to every daughter of the state, including Imrati Devi.

Apart from this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that be careful of those who looted Madhya Pradesh. In the coming times, they will abuse me, lie, spread confusion. Do not get into his words.

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