Mosquitoes, rats, ants or insects in the house are troubled by macros, these special methods will come to your work


Often, mosquitoes, ants, flies or other insects grow in houses after the rainy season. Due to which people have to face a lot of trouble. Nowadays, the special effect of dengue is being seen anyway. Recently, according to the report released by the Department of Health, more than 1200 dengue patients have been reported so far in the capital city of Bhopal, out of which 1 has died. Many people are also disturbed by rats in homes. Nobody wants to see these things in their home. People also take many measures for this.

Market’s own loss

Many people apply poisonous coils, insecticides or creams on the body to get rid of it. But, in some days they start having their own losses. Like many doctors term the smoke of menstruation quail harmful to the health of the people present at home. Other pesticides are also made from poison. They are especially harmful in homes where there are small children or elderly people. Therefore today we will tell you some homely and easy ways to get rid of all these things that cause diseases in your home. Those who do not cause deadly disease like dengue, mosquitoes will come into the house, nor do any other insects. Let us know about those special measures….

– Dengue mosquito will not enter the house
Mix camphor in neem oil and fill it in a spray bottle. Now spray this mixture on the bay leaves and burn the bay leaves. The smoke of bay leaves also does not harm health, as well as its smoke does not enter any common mosquito but also dengue-malaria mosquitoes.

– Ants will not bother

After rains, ants often start boiling in the houses, which when they bite, they spoil the food items kept in the house. This is the reason most of these occur in kitchens. In such a situation, if you keep small pieces of cucumber near the ant bill, then the ants will run away immediately.

Trouble with eyes

If you are troubled by mice in the house, then there is a very effective solution for this as well. Often, the rats spoil the food items present in the kitchen, along with many other essential things of the house. If there are more rats in the house, then they make the bill in the house. Last year, a three-storey building suddenly collapsed in the capital Bhopal. Investigation revealed that the mice had laid the foundation of the building, due to which the building collapsed. Now we must have realized how much damage rats can do to us. To remove them, spread pepper seeds in all corners of the house. You will see that within 24 hours, the rats will run away from the house.

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