Mix rice water with these things and see amazing


One thing that is easily found in every household, no matter how much Chinese, or Italian, is eaten, but without it, it does not work nor does it go hungry. Rice, yes rice, we are talking about rice which is very easily found in every household.

We all know that along with plenty of protein, rice water is also very beneficial. Yes, rice water is very beneficial, some people use it to eat, to harden clothes. So some people also use it for straightening and shining hair.

If you do not know the use of rice water yet, then know now, these are the advantages of rice water-

With Turmeric: In early childhood, grandmother used to give turmeric mixed milk as soon as the injury occurred because turmeric helps in healing the wound as well as in preventing the feeling of blood of the injury, but do you know that if you turmeric with rice water If you drink together, you can also avoid infection.

With Cumin: In the digestion problem, drinking rice water with cumin seeds is a panacea treatment. Mixing salt and cumin in rice water and drinking it will remove your problem.

With Ghee: If you want to adopt a domestic recipe to increase weight, then you drink pure ghee in rice water and this will help you to gain weight.

With banana: A person suffering from diarrhea, eating banana mixed with rice water, benefits in diarrhea problem.

With jaggery: If you are suffering from a lot of medical reports of blood loss, then you should mix jaggery in rice water and consume it, which will prove very effective in correcting your blood loss.

With Black Salt: If you drink black salt mixed with rice water, then you will not keep any medicines to increase appetite in your room.

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