Many Bollywood actresses had an affair with foreigners, some took seven rounds after dating


It is said that Ishq and Mushka do not hide and these days Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu’s love affair is in full swing. According to media reports, Taapsee is in Maldives these days along with Denmark’s famous badminton player and Olympic medalist Matthias Boe. Although there is so much truth in the news, it cannot be said, but this is not the first time that the name of a Bollywood actress is being associated with a foreigner. Even before this, many actresses have been in a relationship with foreigners, while many of them gave a beautiful twist to their relationship and got married. Let’s take a look at the list of those actresses.

1. Priyanka Chopra

In 2018, a famous and royal wedding was held in Rajasthan, India. This marriage was of Priyanka Chopra who married a foreigner Nick Jonas. Nick is 10 years younger than Priyanka, but everything is justified in love. Nick proposes to Priyanka and both of them took a very careful decision like marriage. They are going to be married for two years and are very happy with each other.

2. Celina Jaitley

Selina Jaitley, who has worked in many Bollywood films, came to Dubai hotelier Peter Hogg and the two started dating each other. But the matter was not limited to dating, but in 2011, both of them got married. Celina is spending a good life away from the glare of Bollywood today.

3. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is also in the same list, who got married to a younger foreign boyfriend. In the year 2016, this marriage took place secretly. Her husband’s name is Jean Goodinf. Who is a businessman. Preity Zinta dated Jean for a long time before marriage and then quietly got married in Los Angeles.

4. Radhika Apte

Radhika-apte Bollywood actress Radhika Apte. (Photo: Instagram)

Radhika Apte, who has worked in films like Padman, Badlapur and Andhadhun, also chose her life partner as a foreigner. Hardly people would know that Radhika was married before coming into the industry. In 2012, she married UK musician Benedict Taylor. In 2011, Radhika went to London to learn contemporary dance. At the same time, he met Benedict Taylor and in a year, he also took an important decision like marriage.

5. Shriya Saran

Shriya Saran, who played his wife in Ajay Devgn’s film ‘Drishyam’, also came upon a Russian. However, the wedding took place in a palace in Rajasthan with full tradition. But his groom was a foreigner.

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