Madhya Pradesh: Businessman’s son murdered after kidnapping in Jabalpur, 3 arrested


Madhya Pradesh: Businessman's son murdered after kidnapping in Jabalpur, 3 arrestedArrested / symbolic photo (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Jabalpur: In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the 13-year-old son of a transport merchant was kidnapped and killed for a ransom of Rs 2 crore. In this case, the police have arrested three accused and recovered more than seven and a half lakhs from them. Aditya, the 13-year-old son of Mukesh Lamba, a transport businessman resident of Dhanvantari Nagar in the Adhartal police station area, was kidnapped on Thursday evening, after the kidnapper demanded a ransom of Rs 2 crore for his son. After that the deal was fixed at eight lakh, but the body of the child was found on Sunday morning.

Superintendent of Police Siddharth Bahuguna and Additional Superintendent of Police Gopal Khandel said that the body of the child was found in the canal of village Bichua in Panagar police station area on Sunday morning. Police have arrested the accused Rahul alias Monu Vishwakarma, Malay Rao and Karan Jaggi for the murder and kidnapping. Crimes are already registered against Rahul and Karan. According to Bahuguna, the accused Rahul and Malay planned to kidnap a rich child for a month in order to financially pay and repay the debt. Later these people were joined by Karan. Rahul went to Mukesh’s house with an acquaintance. ALSO READ: Gurugram: Police kidnapped 9-year-old child after stone kidnapping, searching for accused based on CCTV footage

According to the plan, the three accused started to Reiki of Mukesh’s house. On Thursday evening, the three accused reached Reiki. Then he saw Aditya returning home with some items from the grocery store. The three accused asked the address of Mukesh Lamba’s house. On asking the home address, the child sat in the car to go home with him. The three kidnapped the child after he sat in the car.

The accused first called the mother of the child and later the father of the robbery mobile and demanded a ransom of two crore rupees. At the same time, when the child identified one of the accused, they were terrified and they planned to kill the child. Apart from this, recording of the early arrival of the child to the father. On the basis of this recording, the deal was settled for eight lakhs, while the accused had killed the child.

According to the police, even after giving the money, Mukesh informed the police when he did not find the child. The police arrested the three accused on the basis of the informant’s information and other information system and recovered the body of the child from the canal on his spot and recovered seven lakh 66 thousand rupees and mobiles from the ransom amount.

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