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  • Om Birla said – Adhering to the dignity of the House is an important part of the parliamentary process
  • Speaker said- sometimes boycotting the house is the political compulsion of the opposition
  • Organizing the Parliament session during the Corona period was an unprecedented challenge.

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After the conclusion of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, the Lok Sabha Speaker, speaking to the media, termed the dignity and dignity of the House as the most important part of the parliamentary process and said that it is the responsibility of all the members of the House to respect him supremely. This comment of the speaker is considered to be very important in the context when the two sides of the Parliament challenged the direct posture by the opposition on certain issues. He said that both the houses of Parliament are a reflection of our democracy. Speaker said – Rajya Sabha incident unfortunate
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla termed the incident in the Rajya Sabha about the farmer bills unfortunate. Let me tell you that some members of the opposition in Rajya Sabha had shown an aggressive attitude towards the Deputy Chairman’s seat against the farmers’ bills. After which the Chairman took action and suspended 8 members.

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Opposition’s political compulsion to boycott the house many times
However, he termed the members’ right to boycott or express opposition on some issues and their political compulsion more than that. He said that there are times of political compulsions, when you have to take a different stand. However, he said that when there was a confrontation between the opposition and the ruling party in the Lok Sabha, he tried to call both the sides and talk as the guardian of the house.

Parliament session held unprecedented challenge in Corona period
Describing the holding of the Parliament session as an unprecedented challenge in the Corona period, he said that before the session was held, we studied the events and work done by all the constitutional institutions of the world during the Corona period. Virtual constitutional institutions were run in many countries, but most people conducted their events directly like India. He said that even in this unprecedented situation, all the people came together to understand their constitutional responsibilities, which led to record 167 per cent functioning in this session.

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Also kept his point on the issue of MPLAD
On the issue raised by members during the session on the issue of MP fund, the speaker said that MPs of all the parties have put their concerns in the house and in front of the government regarding MP fund. He hoped that soon the government and related parties will take a decision on this basis on merit. Significantly, due to Corona, the government has banned MP funds for the next two years. Which was strongly opposed.

The bill that has a majority in favor passes
On the issue of the Opposition not being able to keep its voice on some issues including farmer bills, the speaker said that the Lok Sabha was discussed for 5 hours 36 minutes on the bills related to agriculture. He said that the bill which has a majority in favor, the bill is passed in the House. At the same time, regarding the new building of Parliament, he said that 100 years of Parliament are happening. Very soon we are going to build a new building. Construction of new building is expected to be completed in 21 months.

Ruckus in Rajya Sabha, MPs broke the mike

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