Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla replaced the presidents of two parliamentary committees


Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has appointed BSP MP Ritesh Pandey as Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Papers laid on the Table of the House in place of Shyam Singh Yadav of his own party. Similarly YSR Congress MP Vallabhaneni Balashauri has been appointed as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation. He has replaced Raghuram Krishna Raju of his party. Raju has been raising some issues going away from the party’s stance for some time and it is believed that he has distanced himself from the leadership of YSR Congress.

Apart from this, there has been no change in the chairman of other committees. Vinod Sonkar, Virendra Kumar, Sunil Kumar Singh and Rajendra Agarwal will continue to chairmanship the Standing Committees on Ethics, Applications, Privileges and Government Assurances. Congress MP Ravneet Bittu will continue as Chairman of the Committee on Absence of Members from the proceedings of the House.

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