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Lucky colors for 2021: red color richness, silver color for new opportunities! Learn what colors will spread in your life in these 7 colors



Lucky colors for 2021: red color richness, silver color for new opportunities!  Learn what colors will spread in your life in these 7 colors Ampinity News

Lucky colors for 2021: red color richness, silver color for new opportunities!  Learn what colors will spread in your life in these 7 colorsLucky Color (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Lucky Color of the Year 2021: Preparations are being made everywhere to welcome the new year. Due to the panic of Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, colors of sadness, fatigue, severe and fear were seen all over the world. We have not overcome them yet. In such a situation, everyone hopes that New Year 2021 will bring happiness in their lives. Actually, each color has its own psychology or its interpretation, which shows how and to what extent colors affect the mood of a particular person. There are some lucky colors for every person. If you want to know what is Lucky Colors for New Year 2021, then here are introducing you with those seven colors.

* Red color – symbol of wealth and prosperity:

Red color is usually known as love or anger. But this color is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Red color is considered very auspicious in Chinese New Year. Red color is also used in every decoration. Although red color is said to attract strength and wealth. It is believed that the red color used in the interiors of shops and hotels attracts customers.

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* Green means green – for happiness and treatment:

Don’t you feel happy and fresh when you are surrounded by greenery? Similar principles apply to different colors. Just like we say that treatment is inherent in nature, similarly green color shows positive feelings and happiness in a person. You can feel these happiness by hitting the dash in the indoor plant inside the house.

* Silver color: for occasions

Currently silver is considered one of the most precious metals. In some of our folklore, it has been described for protection from evil. Silver color is also considered a symbol of faith, purity and new and good occasions. On the eve of the new year, if you place yourself among the colors of silver or wear silver ornaments, then you will feel better opportunities and positive outlook in your path.

* Yellow color: a symbol of hope and expectations

Yellow is such a vibrant color that it attracts cheerfulness. At this turn of the year 2020, every person is craving for prosperity and all the expectations from next year. Wearing yellow color not only makes one feel positive but also motivates more smile and conversation. It is also a symbol of positivity.

* Pantone colors – a symbol of resilience and hope

Ultimate Gray and Vibrant Yellow Illuminating are the most talked about colors in New Year 2021. Actually, American color company Pantone chooses the best shades every year, which are used throughout the year not only in fashion but also in architecture, home furnishing, industrial designs, etc. Pantone colors are always chosen from the latest trends and much better selection process. You can call them lifestyle colors.

* White color – for new start:

A silver-like feature is also rooted in white. White color is also considered a symbol of light and new beginnings. In some cultures white color is associated with funeral, in some cultures white color is worn as a symbol of purity. We all need a fresh start to overcome Corona’s horror, especially after 2020.

* Blue color – For peace:

In order to attract peace, a blue candle or blue light should be arranged in front of the houses on New Year’s Eve. Blue color is also used to protect against evil eyes or evil powers. In many places blue color is also used to attract friendship, that is why it is called the color of peace.

In this way, these are the seven colors that symbolize the special qualities, since we all need positivity in New Year 2021, let’s see how you can use these colors in your dress, your homes, work places.

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