Learn how to do manicure and pedicure while sitting at home


Every person has a dream that his hands and feet should look as beautiful and shiny as his face, but due to lack of time, most people fail to fulfill this dream and all their beauty is their poor hands and feet. Because of this it becomes ineffective, sometimes it becomes a cause of embarrassment.

Today we have come to solve this problem for you where you can make your hands, feet beautiful and beautiful just by sitting at home. For this, you will no longer need to spend thousands of rupees by going to the parlor. You can do your own hands-on manicure and pedicure of your feet. Manicure, by continuing to do pedicure, the blood flow in your hands and feet runs correctly, it is also beneficial for both our brain and heart.

If both the manicure and the pedicure are the same, then now you also get ready to make your hands and feet as beautiful as your face, that too for free at home,

First of all you will need some ingredients to make a manicure pedicure which is as follows-
A tub
Baby shampoo
Salt – 1 teaspoon
Skin cream
Cotton ball
rose water
Nail filer
Nail paint
Dettol 2-3 drops

Method for making manicure and pedicure:
First of all, clean your hands and feet thoroughly with soap. With the help of nail remover remove the nail paint from the nail.

After adding lukewarm water to the tub, add salt, rose water, Dettol, baby shampoo and lemon juice and mix it well. Put your hands and feet in it for 20 minutes then scrub with a light hand and try to clean them with the help of a brush.

Cleaning of hands and feet: Rub hands and feet well with the help of pint and clean them with a clean cloth and dry them. Cut the nail of the hands with a nail cutter and give it the right shape, clean the nails of the feet and cut them. Now wash hands and feet thoroughly and then massage them with a moisturizer.

Then massage the nails by applying subcutaneous cream and clean it. Now the time has come to apply nail polish on your nails, but before this, apply base coat on the nail and let it dry. After this, use your desired nail polish and give your nails a charming look.

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