Lahore Think Fest: BJP’s attack on Shashi Tharoor’s statement, what is the relationship between PAK and Congress, is called Rahul Lahori


Lahore Think Fest: BJP's attack on Shashi Tharoor's statement, what is the relationship between PAK and Congress, is called Rahul LahoriSambit Patra (Photo Credit-ANI)

The criticism of the central government by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor at the Lahore Literature Festival in Lahore Literature Festival has taken the form of controversy. After the statement of Shashi Tharoor, BJP has become an attacker on Congress. In this episode, BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that it is not a mere coincidence that Congress gives Jinnah lover in Bihar the assembly ticket and Congress in Lahore speaks against India. . What is the relationship of Congress with Jinnah? What is the relationship between Pakistan and Congress called? Only Rahul Lahori can answer this!

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra attacked the Congress fiercely by holding a press conference on the matter. Sambit Patra said that Congress has shown the image of India from a bad perspective and ridiculed the country. Sambit Patra said how the Modi government did the work of delivering hydroxychloroquine to 150 countries. In spite of all these, giving such a statement that the Indian government has failed in Lahore too. Think about what kind of situation the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi’s friend Shashi Tharoor ji is.

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Please tell that Shashi Tharoor was associated online in a program called Lahore Think Fest and during this program he said that discrimination has increased during the Corona epidemic. He also said on the issue of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi. After which Sambit Patra attacked the Congress. During the discussion with the media, Sambit Patra said whether Rahul Gandhi will contest elections from Pakistan. He said that Rahul Gandhi has become the hero of Pakistan and China anyway.

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