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An atmosphere of chaos erupted in Nauthanwan of Maharajganj on Wednesday when it was reported from the Kushinagar administration that a freighter carrying the corona-infected Corona resident, a sandy pillow of Patherwa, had gone to Nepal via Nautanwan. The administrative staff came to the highway to stop this freighter from Kolkata to Nepal. The force of Sonauli and Nautanwa police stations was apprehended during the return from Nepal near the mother Banailiya temple intersection. The truck entered into Nepal on May 3 with coal loading.
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Corona infected a resident of Balua Pillow of Patherwa, Kushinagar, brought the driver in the same truck from Kolkata. The Kushinagar administration traced the truck number to the Maharajganj administration after the infected person got infected. On Wednesday, SDM Nautanwa Jasdhir Singh and CO Raju Kumar Saw also arrived after the cargo was caught. Wearing PPE kit, Ratanpur CHC Superintendent Dr. Amit Rao started inquiries, then driver Abdul Mannan resident Hanumanganj and Khalasi turned out to be Leopard Jhankaur-Kushinagar resident of Sunny Kumar Chaudhary.
Lift was given on the way while bringing coal from Kolkata
The driver of the freighter, Mannan, said that while bringing coal from Kolkata, he gave the person a lift for some distance on the way. He landed on the way in Kushinagar district. When the SDM started questioning, it was found that the driver of the seven trucks and the driver-in-charge had come in contact with these drivers. On this, 14 of those people were also sent to the district headquarters for investigation with them.
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Traveling with corona infected in highrisk
Ratanpur CHC Superintendent Dr. Amit Rao Gautam told that the person traveling with Corona positive patient lives in high risk. Therefore, the driver’s driver and the 14 other drivers who came in contact with them have been quarantined at Maharajganj for corona examination.
In Kushinagar, the driver and operator who came in contact with the corona infected and 14 who came in contact with them have been sent to Maharajganj for investigation. The next action will be after the investigation report.
Jasdhir Singh, SDM-Nautanwan


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