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Krishna Janmashtami 2020: After Kanha’s birth, midnight midnight Aarti removes all distress, singing happiness, peace and prosperity (Watch Video)

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Krishna Janmashtami 2020: After Kanha's birth, midnight midnight Aarti removes all distress, singing happiness, peace and prosperity (Watch Video)

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Krishna Janmashtami 2020 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Krishna Janmashtami 2020 Aarti: Today, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all over India. On this occasion, in almost every Hindu homes, from children to old age, everyone observes the name of Lord Krishna. In many houses, Akhand Kirtan and hymns are also organized in the name of Shri Krishna, in which large number of people are present. Various events are also organized at midnight after the birth of Shri Krishna.

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In Sanatan Dharma it is believed that if you worship, worship, worship or invoke any deity, then its perfection is considered incomplete without performing the Aarti of such deity. Hence Aarti Anthem is necessary before Prasad distribution. In our Dharma Puranas, each aarti has its own glory and influence. It is believed that if the devotee of Shri Krishna Janmashtami recites the aarti of Shri Krishna, then all his troubles are removed, the bad works are completed. His home is inhabited by happiness, peace and prosperity.

The importance of Aarti is also because in the Aarti there is a mention of the great character of such a deity. There are many aarti of Lord Krishna, but the glory of the following aarti can be understood only by singing it why the ritual is concluded with the aarti. Here we are presenting a very popular Aarti of Shri Krishna …

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Aarti of Shri Krishna

Aarti Kunj Bihari’s Girdhar Krishna Murari’s …

Om of Shri Giridhar Krishnamurari

Bijanti Mala, Bajavai Murali Madhur Bala in the neck.

Kundal Jhalakala in Shravan, Anand Nandlala of Nanda.

Gagan Sama Ang Kanti Kali, Radhika shining brightly.

Banamali in Latan; Bhramar alak, Kasturi tilak,

Moonlight glimpse; Fine image of Shyama Pyari

Mr. Giridhar Krishnamurari…

Kanakamay peacock crown Bilasai, the deity Darsan.

Gagan Son Suman Rasi Barsai; pm Murchang, Madhur Mirndang,

With Gwalin; Atul Rati Gop Kumari

Mr. Giridhar Krishnamurari…

Jahan te manifest bhai ganga, kalush kali harini sriganga.

Smaran te hot mohan bhanga; Bas Siv Sis, among the coats,

Harai Agh Keech; Charan image of Sreebani

Mr. Giridhar Krishnamurari…

Shining bright coast Renu, Vrindavan Benu playing.

Chahni Dis Gopi Gwal Dhenu; Hansat soft dim, Chandni Chand,

Katat bhav pand; ter sun deen beggar ki

Mr. Giridhar Krishnamurari’s ..

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According to Srimad Bhagavad, in the Dwapar Yuga, on this day i.e., the eighth day of Bhadrapada, Lord Vishnu had descended from the womb of Goddess Devaki as Shri Krishna. Therefore, at this time in the country and abroad at the time of midnight, there is a law to worship the child form of Shri Krishna. As soon as the night is outside, the statue of Bal Krishna is first panchamrit followed by a bath with Ganga water. Also read: Krishna Janmashtami 2020: Krishna Janmashtami has special importance in Hinduism, learn auspicious time and worship method

After that, the entire makeup is done by wearing beautiful clothes. During this time, firecrackers are burst in the joy of taking birth of Lord Krishna in some place, beautiful fireworks are rescued somewhere, then Krishna Leelas are organized somewhere. In most places, Lord Sri Krishna is worshiped in the form of Shodashopchar method after the Sri Krishna birth anniversary. In the end, they are pleased by singing the aarti of Bal Shri Krishna ji.

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