Kovid-19: More restrictions likely in Pakistan


Kovid-19: More restrictions likely in PakistanImran Khan (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Islamabad (Islamabad), 4 November: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair the meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCCC) of Kovid-19 on Tuesday to discuss the status and options for implementing further restrictions. National Health Service Ministry (NHS) spokesperson Sajid Shah told Dawn News, “I think a line of action will be announced for the ensuing ban, because We cannot afford to increase the incidence of fatal viruses. ”

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) General Secretary Kaiser Sajjad has warned that the virus has become more deadly, as it has now completely changed its form and has come back with full force.

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He told Dawn News that there is an urgent need to deal with the situation strictly. He said, “The government has declared the wearing of masks mandatory, but no one wears masks in public areas. There are many meetings of the government and opposition leaders, in which they shake hands and embrace each other without wearing masks.” Huh.”

Sajjad said, “NCCC should decide that no such incident (by the media) will be covered in which SOP will be violated.” As of Tuesday, the total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached 336,260, while 6,849 people have lost their lives due to infection so far.

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