Know this thing before using ATM, now Corona is spreading from ATM too


Corona virus is increasing day by day worldwide. The number of people infected with Corona is increasing every day. Recently, 3 army personnel got infected with Corona virus using ATM in Gujarat. In such a situation it would be good if you also take some care while withdrawing money from ATM. Through this post, we are going to tell you about the precautions to be taken while using ATM. If you follow them, you will be safe.

Be sure to keep a sanitizer with you when you get out of the house. During this time, if you have touched any of your surfaces, clean it immediately.

If someone is already present in the ATM chamber, you should not go inside. Wait for your turn.

Take out tissues and wet wipes with you when you get out of the house. Do not touch your nose, mouth and eyes when going out. Keep a distance of 1 meter in the line.

Do not touch anything in the ATM chamber and if touched, immediately wipe your hands with the sanitizer.

During the line of the ATM, if you find a person of identity, then keep distance from it, instead of shaking hands, you say hello.

If you have a cold, do not leave the house at all, if you sneeze outside. So cover the nose with a handkerchief or elbow.

Do not throw your used tissue and mask in the dustbin of ATM, this increases the risk of infection for others.

Looking at the time, you should make a digital payment. All types of transactions and payments should be done online only.

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