Karwa Chauth 2020 Sargi: What is Sargi? Why it is considered important during the fast of Karva Chauth, know the right time to eat sargi


Karwa Chauth 2020 Sargi: What is Sargi?  Why it is considered important during the fast of Karva Chauth, know the right time to eat sargiPhoto Credits: Instagram

Karwa Chauth 2020 Sargi: Married women in Hinduism eagerly await Karwa Chauth Vrat year-round, but now their wait is over, because tomorrow i.e. Wednesday (4 November 2020), Karwa Chauth (Karwa Chauth) ) is. According to the Hindu calendar, on the Chaturthi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, married women observe a fast with the wish of their husband’s longevity and healthy life. This festival is considered to strengthen the sacred relationship between husband and wife. After being hungry and thirsty throughout the day, the women worship Saja-samvarkar Karva Chauth in the evening, then after seeing the moon in the night, see their husband’s face with a sieve and complete their fast by drinking water from their hands.

However, in Karva Chauth Vrat there is a tradition of eating Sargi before sunrise in many places. After all, what is this Sargi and what is its significance in Karva Chauth Vrat? Let us know in detail. Also read: Karwa Chauth 2020 Puja Samagri List: These things are necessary in the plate of Karva Chauth fast, see the complete list of worship materials

What is a sargi?

Sargi usually includes food and drink, which the mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law before sunrise. If there is no mother-in-law in the house, then the daughter, elder sister or any elderly woman of the family gives a sargi. There are sweets, fruits, dry fruits, mathri, sevaiyan, firni, coconut water, puri or parathas, juices etc. in the plate of sargi. Apart from this, mother-in-law also gives clothes, jewelery and make up items to her daughter-in-law. The daughters-in-law accept the sargi given by the mother-in-law as prasad and then observe the fast of Karva Chauth. Sargi is eaten before sunrise. It is said that despite keeping fast waterless throughout the day, eating sargi keeps energy in the body of women.

Time to eat a sargi

Chaturthi Date Start- November 4, 2020 at 3:24 am,

Chaturthi date ends- 5 November 2020 till 5.14 am.

Time to eat sargi From 4.51 am to 5.43 am.

Time of Karva Chauth fast 6.35 am to 8.12 pm.

Auspicious time for worship 5.34 pm to 6.52 pm Also read: Karwa Chauth 2020 Thali Decoration Ideas: How to decorate Karwa Chauth Thali and Sieve? Learn the easy way to decorate the fasting plate and the list of essential ingredients

Importance of Sargi in Karva Chauth

The special importance of Sargi is told in the fast of Karva Chauth. It is believed that mother-in-law blesses her daughter-in-law to remain sweet in her marital life by giving fruits in a plate of sargi. Without sweets, our festivals are considered incomplete, so it is considered very auspicious to keep sweets in a plate of sargi. Dry fruits, coconut water and fruit juice are consumed in the sargi. During this fast, the body does not feel weakness and energy remains. Before the sunrise, the mother-in-law or senior lady of the house gives a sargi to the daughter-in-law and then in the evening the daughters-in-law give a bina to their mother-in-law or senior lady of the house, which consists of food items as well as saris and makeup.


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