Karenna overshadowed even on VIP numbers, 10% applications did not come even on normal days


  • There are 200 to 250 applications for the number you want on the vehicles sold every month.

Kareena’s attack is also being seen on the VIP numbers of vehicles. The number of amateurs of VIP numbers is quite good in the district and around 200 to 250 applications are received by the Transport Department to get the number of vendors sold every month to the desired number, number of applications are available online. It earns the income of the Transport Department.

This time the department has not even received 10 per cent of the applications compared to the normal dates. Sales of vehicles are also decreasing due to Kareena. Now, bumper sales are expected in the AutoMabile sector in Navratri and Deepavali festival season. Vehicles will be sold and VIP numbers with the Transport Department will increase and income will increase.

Online bid opens for seven days

The online bids for fancy or VIP numbers are opening for seven days every month before the lockdown, the number bids start online around the 22nd. In this, the vehicle owners place online bids for the desired numbers, in this bid the reserve price of the number’s bag reaches the bars, that is, there are many numbers that are bought in the bars. Due to this, the transport department earns about 20 to 25 lakh rupees every year.

Drivers are less interested in VIP numbers

  • The autohemabil sector has been particularly affected during the Caravankal period. Sales of vehicles currently reach fifty percent. For this reason very few drivers are taking interest in VIP numbers. On a normal date, a large number of people took part in online numbers of these numbers every month. It is now expected to sell well in the festive season. – Rajiv Sharma, District Transport Officer

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