Kangana Ranaut trapped in court cases, accused of increasing Hindu Muslim controversy


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is often in their discussions and the reason for their discussions is her balboal style. In fact, she often keeps making rhetoric about the Bollywood industry, the result of which is that a case has been filed against her in a Mumbai court. Munna Varali and casting director Sahil Ashraf Sayed have filed a petition in Bandra court against Kangana for defaming Bollywood. In the petition, Kangana has been accused of defaming Bollywood, everywhere from social media platforms to TV, she is trying to tell that Bollywood is the hub of Nepotism and Favorism.

Kangana Ranaut has also been accused of a Hindu Muslim controversy. It was said in the petition that they have created a gap between the Hindu and Muslim actors of Bollywood. He has consistently hurt many Bollywood celebs over religion with his objectionable tweets. Explain that when the petitioners went to Bandra Police Station Kangana to write an FIR, the policemen refused to write the report after which the Bandra Court was knocked.

In this case, casting director Sahil Syed said, ‘I have been working in this industry for the last decade. I have never seen such communal hatred before. When I go for some work and tell my name Sahil, everything is fine. But as soon as I tell my full name Sahil Syed, everything changes and it is said that you come later. This is the condition.

Sahil adds further, this has never happened. This is all happening because of Kangana Ranauti’s tweet and her statement running in some parts of the media. They have created a lot of communal hatred. Working in the industry has been very difficult for the last two months. So I have filed a complaint against him. His statement against the Maharashtra government and Mumbai is also very wrong. She has earned everything from Mumbai and now she is defaming Mumbai.

Sahil says, “Initially we approached the Bandra police station, but they did not take action on our complaint. We also contacted Bandra Zonal DCP, but they also did nothing. So finally we filed a complaint in the Bandra court and today we have the order. The court ordered the Bandra Police to register an FIR against Kangana under Section 295 (a) 153 (a) 124 (a) of the IPC. All cases are non-bailable. We hope to take immediate action in the matter.

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