Kangana Ranaut Slams Teacher Beheading In Paris: Kangana Ranot questions the silence of the ‘Intolerance Gang’ when she beheads a teacher in Paris


Film actress Kangana Ranot has questioned the silence of the Intolerance Gang in India when she beheaded a teacher of middle school history in Paris. Kangana Ranot mourned the murder of a school teacher in Paris on Saturday and condemned it. Significantly, the deceased teacher had shown a cartoon made by Profet Mohammed to his students. Kangana described it as ‘Integration to Criticism’.

Kangana Runot has tweeted, ‘Teacher has been beheaded for a cartoon. We can only think of what he must have done when India was under attack. Today’s digital and education writing era This type of incident is happening in India. What countrymen would have suffered in India then?

In another tweet, he wrote, ‘I get very upset that a religion which is very integral to the criticism and is very male dominated. Does not respect women, nor animals, nor flora. But even today it is the fastest growing religion and some educated intelligent people also defend it.

Significantly, the bearer of history’s teacher has been shot by the police in Paris. The terrorist attacked the teacher with a knife at around 5:00 pm. After this, the police shot the attacker. It is worth mentioning that 5 years ago The magazine Charlie Hebdo also published a caricature of Prof. Mohammad. Then his office was attacked by a terrorist.

Apart from Kangana Ranot, many other artists have spoken on this and expressed grief and outrage over this incident. People are also questioning the silence of many artists.

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