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Jaya’s attack on Bollywood’s infamy, Ravi Kishan’s counterattack

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  • BJP MP from Gorakhpur Ravi Kishan has retaliated on the statement of MP Jaya Bachchan in Rajya Sabha
  • On Jaya Bachchan’s statement of holes in the plate, Ravi Kishan said that he does not pierce the plate made by himself.
  • BJP MP said – Surprised by Jaya Bachchan’s statement, she felt that Jaya would support her statement yesterday
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BJP MP from Gorakhpur Ravi Kishan has retaliated on the statement of MP Jaya Bachchan in Rajya Sabha. On Jaya Bachchan’s statement, Ravi Kishan said that he does not make holes in the plate he made. Ravi Kishan also said that Jaya Bachchan’s statement was surprising. The BJP MP said that he felt that Jaya would support his statement. Please tell that after the drugs angle surfaced in Sushant Singh Rajput case, there is a lot of rhetoric these days. The issue was raised by MP Ravi Kishan in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

Jaya Bachchan expressed displeasure over Ravi Kishan’s statement that Bollywood’s drug-peddling victim said that some people make holes in the plate they eat. On this statement of Jaya Bachchan, Ravi Kishan said, ‘I thought Jaya ji would support what I said. Not everyone takes drugs in the industry, but some people are part of the plan to destroy the world’s largest film industry. When I and Jaya ji came in the industry, there was no such situation but now we need to save the industry.

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‘I am shocked by Jaya Bachchan’s statement’
Ravi Kishan further said, ‘I don’t pierce the plate I made myself. There was talk of the drugs nexus of Bollywood. I am surprised by Jaya Bachchan’s statement. Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan had expressed concern over the rhetoric about the film industry in the drugs case. Jaya Bachchan said without naming anyone, ‘Those who earned a name from the film industry are calling it a gutter. I do not agree with this at all. His point here was towards Kangana.

What did Ravi Kishan say yesterday?
A day ago Ravi Kishan had said in the Lok Sabha about the drug angle in the Sushant case that Bollywood is also a victim of drug addiction. Ravi Kishan had said, ‘Drug addiction is very high in the Indian film industry. Many people have been caught. NCB is doing very well. I appeal to the central government to take strict action on this, apprehend the culprits as soon as possible and punish them so that the conspiracy of the neighboring countries may come to an end. ‘

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What did Jaya Bachchan say in Rajya Sabha?
Without taking his name on the same statement of Ravi Kishan, Jaya Bachchan said today, ‘You can’t spoil the image of the entire industry because of some people. I am ashamed of the statement made by one of our members of the Lok Sabha yesterday. He comes from the film industry and was speaking against it. it’s embarrassing.’ Not only this, Jaya Bachchan appealed to the government to tell such people not to use such language.

‘Holes in the plate on which we eat’
Jaya Bachchan said that ‘Some people make holes in the plate they eat.’ He said that ‘The entertainment industry directly employs 5 lakh people every day. At a time when the economy is in a very bad condition, we are being targeted on (social media) social media to divert attention.

Ravi Kishan attacked Jaya Bachchan

Ravi Kishan attacked Jaya Bachchan

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