JACOB BLAKE: Family of black man Jacob Blake to file case against police in US – america family of black man jacob blake to file case against police


Jacob Blake’s family in the US city of Chicago will file a civil lawsuit against the Kenosha Police Department over the shooting incident. The family’s attorney has given information about this. Blake was shot seven times by police in Kenosha, on the southwestern end of the US state of Wisconsin, on Sunday.

According to reports from the Xinhua news agency, Ben Crump, one of Blake’s family representatives, told a news conference Tuesday in his presence that his client had been paralyzed and would now be able to walk again if he had any charisma. Crump also represented the family of George Floyd three months ago when he was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was arrested when he was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit bill in a store.

Blake’s father said painfully, “He shot my son seven times, seven times as if he doesn’t matter, but my son means nothing to me.” He is a human and matters. ‘ At this news conference held on Tuesday afternoon, Crump said Blake’s surgery was still in progress. The incident has continued in Kenosha since Monday night that has spread to Wisconsin’s capital Madison and Minneapolis.


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