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Is the news of Dr. Aisha’s death from COVID-19 fake? Seeing viral pictures on social media, users questioned – is it real or fake

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Is the news of Dr. Aisha's death from COVID-19 fake?  Seeing viral pictures on social media, users questioned - is it real or fake

Doctor Aisha Fake Tweets (Photo Credit: Twitter0

Amidst the increasing cases of Coronavirus and the death toll due to this, a news and photo went viral on social media on Sunday, which made people emotional. In the viral photo, it has been claimed that this is the last photo of the young doctor Aisha. The social media claimed that Dr. Aisha died due to corona virus.

In the viral news, it was told that Dr. Aisha was very lively and had recently become a doctor. She was admitted to the hospital after being corona positive. He died of a corona virus infection while undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Through a picture on social media, users started paying tribute to Dr. Aisha. Dr. Ayesha started trending on Twitter. In the viral news, it was told that before leaving the world goodbye, she left a message and a smile to the people about Corona. The post claimed that Dr. Ayesha had a birthday on July 17.

Tweet made about Doctor Aisha

The picture went viral on Twitter

Life lost in front of Corona

RIP Doctor Aisha

A tweet from Dr. Aisha’s account which is no longer being found on Twitter went viral two days ago. It was written with a picture in it, “Hi guys, I am not able to compete with Kovid-19. Today at any time I can go on the ventilator. Remember me, my smile for you. Thank you for your friendship. I will miss you all. Stay safe, take this deadly virus seriously. Love you guys. Bye “

This picture and message went viral on Twitter. People expressed their grief and mourning. But then it came to know that the Twitter handle from which this picture and message has been posted, there is no account of this name on Twitter.

Fake account

It’s faked

So is Dr. Aisha fake or real?

Soon after this picture went viral in the name of Doctor Aisha, people said that the tweet and the pictures seemed fake, the account was deleted from Twitter, which only confirms that the whole story could have been false.

However, it is not yet clear who the actual woman is whose pictures are going viral. There is no confirmed source to say whether he is in fact Dr. Aisha. Apart from this, the account which was from South Africa mentioned MBBS degree whereas South Africa has a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MB.ChB) degree.

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