Iran Missile Test: Iran Martyr Qassem Soleimani Missile Test Successl, Threatens Israel


Iran has successfully tested two new surface-to-surface missiles, amidst ongoing tension in West Asia. Iran has named ‘Shaheed Qasim Suleimani’ after its top commander, the first missile capable of hitting about 1400 kilometers. At the same time, the second cruise missile has been named by Iran as Shaheed Abu Mahdi. The Iranian Navy’s missile has a range of about 1000 km.

Iran warns Israel, America, UAE

Commander Qasim Sulemani and Abu Mahdi were killed in a US missile strike in Iraq. Since then, tension between the US and Iran has been at its peak. The US is constantly demanding Iran to stop its missile test. Now, by testing two new missiles, Iran has tried to give a stern warning to the US and its allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced the successful test of both these missiles.

Iranian President calls the missile test an achievement

Pictures of the test of these missiles were shown on Iran’s state TV channel and it was claimed that it would enhance Iran’s deterrence capability. Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani said that these missiles, especially cruise missiles, are very important for us. We have increased its range from 300 to 1000 km within just two years, which is a big achievement. Ruhani also said that his country’s military strength and missile program is to protect against any attack and not to attack.

US seeking to increase sanctions against Iran

Apart from this, on Thursday, Iran has also unveiled fourth generation light turbo-fan engines for its advanced drones. The announcement comes at a time when the United States is seeking to increase sanctions against Iran at the United Nations. This ban is going to end in October this year. The Trump administration is once again seeking to impose all sanctions against Iran. However, this move of the US is opposed by other members of the Security Council. This fresh tension in relations between Iran and the US began in the year 2018, when Trump withdrew from the deal with Iran and was banned again.

Iranian missile test after Israel-UAE deal

Iran has tested these missiles after a peace deal between Israel and the UAE. The biggest enemy of both Israel and the UAE is Iran. Iran has demonstrated its growing capability to the world by testing new missiles. The increasing capability of these missiles has increased Iranian power to attack both sea and land in West Asia. Defense experts say Israel and the UAE have decided to come together in view of Iran’s growing threat. There has been a big deal between Iran and China. The UAE has joined hands with Israel to respond to this nexus between China and Iran. Israel is now in need of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


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