Intern doctors donated 35 units of blood at the strike site, demanding increase in salary


Striking intern doctor donating blood on Tuesday in Jodhpur.

  • Intern doctors are boycotting work for eight days

The intern doctors of Dr. SN Medical College demanded to increase the stipend by donating blood at the strike site outside the MDM on Tuesday. The intern doctors donated 35 units of blood. Union President Dr. Vinod Sharma said that the intern doctor has been on a work boycott for the past eight days to increase the stipend. Sitting on strike outside MDM since 11 October.

The intern doctors say that the government has deliberately kept silence even after the protests over the long-term honorarium. The government is busy looking only at how to expand its facilities. Recently the government has increased the allowance of MLAs from 30,000 to 50,000 and the salary of intern doctors is 7000. Rajasthan government is not paying any attention to this.

Dr. Surendra Singh Rathore became co-teacher
Dr. Surendra Singh Rathore of the Department of Nephrology of Dr. SN Medical College has been made the Assistant Professor. Sunil Sharma, Joint Governments Secretary, Department of Medical Education (Group-1), has promoted one and two Senior Demonstrators of Jodhpur Medical College on salary pay. In it, Dr. Surendra Singh Rathod was made the Assistant Professor Nephrology from Assistant Professor Nephrology. Assistant Professor PSM from Dr. Arun Kumar Senior Exhibitor PSM, Dr. Manoj Kumar Verma was made Assistant Professor PSM from Senior Exhibitor PSM.

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