Indian Railway: Only 90 passengers boarded the 1204-seat Shatabdi train, even then people were sitting on their arms


Senior Section Engineer SK Dhingra, TC staff, scavengers arrived at the railway depot to receive the train arriving at Habibganj railway station after six months. The train came to a standstill nine minutes before 2.25 pm. The train became empty in hardly five minutes. Sanitization took place inside the coach. 125 passengers boarded the train. There was not a single passenger in coach C-2, seat-4, C-11, but 15 to 20 passengers were present in the C-1 and the rest of the coaches, they have also been seated in the side-seat. Leave two yards between the two, there was no half yard, while it is advisable to keep two consecutive yards to avoid corona. This situation is when the train itself is empty.

25 passengers boarded Delhi, someone in the train set in Agra

Yaduvendra Singh, who is in the catering staff, says that when the train left from Delhi, there were hardly 25 passengers. When the train reached Agra, it was felt that passengers were also sitting in the train. They say that they never saw so few passengers in the train. There were 231 landing at Habibganj and Bhopal and 226 passengers from both the places.

Did not have breakfast and food

Due to Corona infection, the railways did not provide snacks, snacks and food to the passengers in the train. Nothing will be given while leaving. Even water bottles are not given. Railways, in return, reduced the fare of the chaircar 185 on arrival from Delhi, 210 in executive class and Rs 170 and 190 respectively while leaving from Habibganj. Most of the passengers said that they are carrying food and drink together. Some packed items were also available on the train.

Reasons for less passengers to travel

– Corona infection was due to low number of passengers on the train. Also, Saturday was the first day of running of the train, Navratri festival has started from this day. The second day is Sunday, which is a holiday. Due to this also fewer passengers traveled in the train.

According to Rohit Kumar, a passenger coming from Delhi to Habibganj, there were very few passengers in the train. Never seen so few travelers. Breakfast and food were not provided. There was some catering material available in the train, but there was a provision to pay for it. Most passengers bought nothing but water.

Lucky Nayak, a female traveler traveling from Habibangj to Lalitpur, told that We have brought food and drink from home. Will not take anything inside the train. For the first time I see that the platform is so empty in the time of the century. It was usually very crowded.

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