In the country last year, the highest deaths due to contaminated air and stress, average age increased by 10 years but with deteriorating health


Last year in India, the highest number of deaths occurred due to contaminated air, high blood pressure, tobacco consumption, poor diet and high blood sugar. The main cause of high blood pressure is stress. This information has been revealed in a recent study. The study report ‘Global Burden of Disease’, published on Friday in the journal Lancet, estimates 286 causes of death and 369 diseases in more than two hundred countries and regions of the world.

Top five causes of death in 2019

Deaths due (in lakhs)

Air pollution 16.7

High blood pressure 14.7

Tobacco Consumption 12.3

Poor diet 11.8

High blood sugar 11.2

Average age increased to 10 years

According to the report, since 1990, the average age of people in India has increased by 10 years. But there is also a huge difference between states. According to the researchers, including Srinivas Goli of the Indian Institute of Public Health in Gandhinagar, the average age in India in 1990 was 59.6 years, which has increased to 70.8 years in 2019. But it is 77.3 years in Kerala and 66.9 years in Uttar Pradesh.

Healthy life does not increase

The study also said that healthy life has not increased much compared to the average age. People spend much of their lives in diseases and disability. During the last 30 years, more people died due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like heart disease, lung disease, sugar and stroke.

22 percent deaths due to NCD

The report said that in the year 1990, 22 percent of the deaths due to non-communicable disease, or NCDs, occurred which increased to 50 percent in 2019. During this period NCD also increased from 29 percent to 58 percent. If we talk about the whole world, every fifth person (about 1.1 crore) died due to high blood pressure last year. 65 lakh people lost their lives due to high blood sugar and 44 lakh people from high cholesterol.

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