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Important information for Jan Dhan account holders! In this way you can get financial assistance of 1.3 lakhs



The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the center has made many major changes on the economic front of the country and one such measure has been taken by PM Modi in PM Jan Dhan Yojana. PM Jan Dhan Yojana was launched during the first term of the Modi government. Under this scheme, the common citizen of the country is given the facility to open a Jan Dhan account in the bank.

There are many benefits of Jan Dhan account but even today many people are unaware of those benefits. Many Jan Dhan account holders are not aware that they can also get financial assistance from the government in times of crisis. Let us know about these benefits.

Benefit of Rs 1.30 lakh under insurance scheme

Each Jan Dhan account holder gets a total benefit of Rs 1.30 lakh. It also includes accident insurance. Accidental insurance of one lakh is given to the account holder along with general insurance of Rs 30,000, which is given to the account holder in case of an accident.

Benefits of opening a zero balance account

PM Modi himself has praised Jan Dhan Yojana many times and has also highlighted its benefits. The scheme ensures access to banking/savings and deposit accounts, loans, insurance, pension of the common man. This special account with zero balance facility can be opened at any bank branch near your home.

accident insurance cover

Like any other savings account, you get interest on the amount deposited in this account like any other bank account. Customers get the facility of mobile banking free of cost. In this account, the government provides the facility of overdraft up to Rs.

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One dose of Corona Vaccine is enough for people who have been infected with Corona, study revealed



According to a study released by AIG Hospitals on Monday, a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is sufficient for a person infected with the coronavirus as they have more antibodies than those who are not infected.

This research was designed to assess the immune response in all those patients. All patients were given the Kovishield vaccine.

The hospital said that between January 16 and January 5, a study was conducted on 260 health workers who took the vaccine to assess the immunological memory response in all patients. All these patients were given the Kovishield vaccine.

Regarding the impact of this study, Dr DN Nageswara Reddy, President, AIG Hospitals said that the results have shown that people who have been suffering from Kovid-19 do not need to take two doses of the vaccine because One dose will produce as many antibodies as in people who have never been infected and took two doses.

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Beauty tips: Just mix these 3 things in the bath water, the skin will become beautiful and shiny



Bathing also removes fatigue, and feels fresh, as well as keeps the body clean and clean, but if you talk about beautiful skin, then if you do this work before bathing daily, then the skin will improve, so today we We are going to tell you about some things, with the help of which your skin will become beautiful.

Although alum is an antiseptic, which we apply on injury or bite, but you add a spoonful of alum in the bath water, it improves the blood circulation of the skin, as well as bathing with this water removes fatigue in an instant,

We use camphor in worship, but if you are having headache and fatigue, then you can mix 2 to 3 pieces of camphor in bath water, this will get rid of all these problems.

Baking soda
We use baking soda to say, but to detox the body, add 4 to 5 teaspoons of baking soda to the bath water, this will flush out the toxic toxins from your body, and your skin will also be glowing.

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Monsoon is about to arrive in the country, so know these beauty tips before monsoon



Some girls remain confused since the beginning of the rainy season. The confusion of what to wear, what to do and what to do in the rain haunts them. Some skinny women avoid going out in the rain as much as possible.

Is the rainy season really that boring, boring? Yes, torrential monsoon rains are a warning for Mumbaikars. This is because the rain caused by the polluted atmosphere dissolves a lot of pollutants in the first heli. Amidst the daily hardships of urban life, a woman has to make every effort to keep important aspects of her personality important. The four long months of monsoon raise many questions for us. But, by solving all these, you can look beautiful and neat in monsoon too.

You will be surprised to know. But to be honest, even in the gloomy monsoon season, you can do a lot to enhance your beauty.

take a shower with rain water

Our skin plays an important role in maintaining our beauty. Dirty water coming from the tap has the opposite effect on the skin. Instead, use rainwater for as many days as possible. Fill a bucket with rain water and take a bath in it. Rain water has tremendous healing power. It can soothe and soften acne prone skin. A person is often very upset by the heat. Rain water is also very helpful in this. It is a well known fact that many mothers bathe their babies with rain water first. Hence the importance of the beneficial effect of rainwater.

If possible, shampoo the hair once a week with rain water. To keep your hair naturally beautiful in monsoon, keep it beautiful and beautiful. In monsoon, the air becomes very flat due to high humidity. This makes naturally curly hair more frizzy and cannot be straightened. In the same way straightening straight hair is equally difficult. So cut the hair as it has natural curls. So that it does not have to be “set” every day. Large beauty parlors use “hair sprays” and “roller sets”. Do not go through this type of treatment. This is because their hard work often goes in vain during monsoons. Applying “hair spray” during the rainy season often makes the hair sticky.

If you don’t want to look ridiculous, use your “makeup” at least in monsoons. If you’re going to work out, use a “moisturizer,” a light “brush,” and a light-colored lipstick, don’t use eyeliner. Because it will spread through the water and its blackness will make you look like a ghost. If you have to do eye makeup then use eye pencil and light eyeshadow. A more heavy makeup like foundation will wash off in the rain.

Some precautions have to be taken regarding the use of cosmetics in monsoon. Similarly, special attention should be paid to the choice of clothes as clothes become wet and dirty during monsoon. Keep aside such clothes for monsoon which you have least effort in handling. Wear clothes that come off quickly and don’t require ironing. If you wear a sari, wear a nylon or “synthetic” sari. This is because such sarees require very little maintenance. Never wear cotton under a nylon saree. Because nylon sarees will dry quickly. It takes a long time to dry cotton. Due to this, the limbs will stick out again and again and you will have a lot of trouble in moving. This simple rule also applies to those who wear salwar kameez and dresses. Wear plain and comfortable clothes. Do not wear frilled clothes. Don’t wear clothing that extends below your feet, such as a “maxi”. This is because the fabric becomes very sticky by getting wet from below. In addition, such clothes also take a long time to dry, and hence they are prone to colds.

Wet gloves, boot sandals etc can also cause cold and cough. If you leave shoes, sandals etc. wet, it can lead to skin diseases like “itchiness” and “eczema” in the feet. There are a few things to keep in mind before putting the shoes on high. At the end of monsoon, allow gumboots or any pair of rain boots to dry thoroughly and then add a lot of powder and tie them evenly. Similarly make raincoats.

To look neat and beautiful, you need a dress that is suitable for the rainy season. If you have a lot of work to do outside, just carrying an umbrella in the rain will do nothing. It is very important that you have a raincoat. There are different types of raincoats available in the market. Some are made of plastic, rubber or laminated fabric. Raincoats of rubber and laminated fabrics tend to last more often. Raincoats are very helpful for sari wearers, when it is raining heavily, keep your sari inside the raincoat up to the waist. So that the lower part of your foot is free from clothing and you do not have trouble walking. Always carry an umbrella or raincoat with you to avoid heavy rain.

Often heavy rains force us to stay indoors. This time should be used for beauty equipment. You should do your own “face”, “manicure”, “pedicure” etc. during the days of living in such a house.

Your feet can give you a lot of trouble in the rain. Wetting and rubbing with shoes often leads to swelling of the skin on your feet. Dip one foot in warm running water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wipe it well and apply powder on it

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