Implementation of complete lockdown due to Kovid in Britain is not right now: Johnson


Despite rising cases of Corona virus infection in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that it would not be right to implement a complete lockdown in the country now. The Prime Minister said in Parliament, “Corona cases have increased fourfold in the last three weeks. More Corona patients are currently in hospital than when the lockdown was implemented in the country on 23 March. At the same time, the number of corona dead is also increasing. ”

Johnson acknowledged that there was a demand for a nationwide lockdown again ‘indefinitely’. He said, “I don’t think it will be right in time. We will not only deprive our children of their education but will also harm our economy by doing so. ”

The number of people infected with Corona virus (Kovid-19) worldwide has exceeded 3.74 crore and so far more than 10.76 lakh people have died due to this epidemic. According to data released by John Hopkins University’s Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE), the Corona virus has infected 37,408,593 people and killed 1,076,764 people.

So far, 214,771 people have died and 7,762,544 have been infected by the infection in the US, which is suffering from the global pandemic corona virus. During the last 24 hours in India, 66,732 new cases of corona have been reported in the country and the total number of infected has now risen to 71,20,538. According to the data released on Monday by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are a total of 8,61,853 active cases of corona in the country at present, while 61,49,535 people have beaten the epidemic so far.

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