Immunity: These 7 things make the body strong from inside, include today in diet


It improves blood circulation. Along with this, the color remains white and under BP control. If there is a cold and cold, boil 2-3 dry grapes in milk before going to bed at night. It contains beta carotene. Soak dry grapes at night and consume them in the morning. This makes the eyes light faster.



One ounce of almonds contains as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk. Its amazing nutrients can help keep your body fit. According to researchers, almonds boost the immune system, especially against viruses. Almonds rich in vitamin E and fiber also keep your blood sugar fine.


This promotes blood circulation and prevents heart diseases. Not only this, it is also very beneficial for the skin. Raisin water cleanses the blood in the liver very fast and relieves stomach problems like constipation.


This healthy snack works to increase immunity. It reduces the risk of various chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, keeps the heart healthy and also prevents disease. There is nothing better for the development and health of pregnant women and toddlers.


This readily available spice does wonders for your body. It lowers cholesterol, reduces period pain, and enhances the body’s ability to fight infection overall.


Kiwi rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E, K is a better option for asthma patients. In addition it can strengthen the immune system. Can also prevent conditions such as common cold and flu. Additionally, kiwi can aid digestion.


Antioxidant-rich papaya is delicious as well as a treasure of health. It has the ability to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, and improve digestion.

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