If you want to escape from Corona, then leave this order today, can be dangerous


At this time, the period of corona infection is going on around the world. In such a situation, cleanliness of every little thing is necessary. Our little carelessness can lead to corona infection. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some important things, from which you can avoid corona infection. Medical experts themselves have asked them to leave these habits as soon as possible.

Chew nails

You must have seen many people chewing nails, many people have this habit since childhood. There are many types of germs in our nails, that is why by putting nails in the mouth, germs / viruses / bacteria enter our body directly.

Turn hair

Many people have the habit of turning their hands repeatedly. If you also have such a habit, then leave immediately, because by turning the hands in the hair, germinal bacteria, etc., fall on the hair, come directly into our hands. After coming in the hands, it does not take long to spread in the body.

Cleaning the bedsheet

Many people do not have the habit of cleaning their bedsheets, they do not clean it for many months. Tell us that there are many surfaces on which the virus can survive for a long time. That is why today, start focusing on cleanliness.

Toothbrush on wash basin

Many people place their toothbrushes anywhere instead of keeping them properly, so they keep the wash around the basin. Tell me this is not a right habit. By this habit, you are inviting the sick yourself. That’s why take special care of your toothbrush.

Eat or drink with each other

Many people eat their shoes and drink. But it is better if you leave this habit during this transition period. Because when someone gets infected, it cannot be said. That is why it is better to leave this habit.

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