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If you want to avoid diseases during the rainy season, eat these 7 fruits and vegetables

After the scorching heat, everyone is just waiting for the rain. But this rainy season brings with it many diseases. There are many types of infections in rain. Apart from this, fever cough is also common. Every year, dengue mosquitoes breed in rain which make people sick. Apart from this, diseases like cholera and typhoid also occur in this season. Anyway, during the rainy season our immune system becomes very weak due to which any disease engulfs us quickly. So eat light food during the rainy season, avoid green leafy vegetables, drink pure water, eat seasonal fruits a lot. You can make your diet fit according to the season with some special seasonal fruits and vegetables. And can avoid the monsoon diseases. Eat these fruits and vegetables during the rainy season… ..

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, this is absolutely true. If you eat an apple an day, then it is very beneficial for your health. Try to eat apples in the morning. Plenty of dietary fibers are found in apples, which are helpful in keeping the digestive system correct. Eating apples during the rainy season keeps the digestive system right.

Pomegranate may prove to be the best among the fruits of the rainy season. Pomegranate has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which also increase our metabolism. Pomegranate increases red blood cells in our body rapidly. Pomegranate is the fruit of all seasons, but it also helps in rain.

Lizzy also comes in the rainy season. Litchi is helpful in digesting food. Apart from this, our immunity to eating litchi also increases. Lychee also has antiviral properties and maintains blood circulation. Although most people like litchi, but if you do not eat litchi, then definitely include it in your monsoon diet from today.

In the rainy season, plums also come very well. This fruit is rich in vitamin C. Minerals, vitamins and fiber are found in plenty in plum. Apart from this, calories are very low in this fruit. In the rainy season, plum is a beneficial fruit for you. The plum not only increases immunity but also helps in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body. Therefore, you must include Alubukhara in your diet during the rainy season.

bitter gourd
Many people do not eat bitter gourd due to being bitter, but bitter gourd is a vegetable of the rainy season. Apart from this, bitter gourd has anti-inflammatory properties which benefits in diseases like constipation, ulcers and malaria. Diabetics are also advised to eat bitter gourd. Therefore, eat bitter gourd 2-3 days a week.

Although eating lemon in all seasons is beneficial, but you get plenty of vitamin C by eating lemon in the rainy season. Vitamin C makes our immune system strong. Through which we are protected from diseases.

sugar beets
In monsoon beet increases digestion. Eating beetroot also increases weight and is considered beneficial for your hair and complexion. So be sure to include beetroot in the salad or in the food somehow.



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