If you know the benefits of this fruit, then you will eat it everyday, you will stay away from disease like cancer.


Amaras, Carambola or Carambola Fruits. This fruit is usually recognized by its three different names. It is sour in taste and its chutney, pickle etc. is made. They originate in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In addition, it is also produced in Peru, Colombia, Trinidad, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil and the United States. Star fruit is rich in citric acid, so it provides vitamin C to our body. There can be many health benefits of eating dietary supplements (Carambola). Eating kamarkha fruits especially in winter can give you a lot of benefits. This can be beneficial in protecting you from many diseases that occur during the winter season. Often people are troubled by problems like cough – cold, cold, headache, sore throat, vomiting due to cold, stomach pain, diarrhea. You can overcome these problems by eating some seasonal fruits. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 are found in abundance in kamarkha. Apart from this, it also has a treasure of potassium, calcium, fiber and zinc. In such a way, let us know about those things related to this fruit which are very important for your health…

– As the name suggests, this fruit looks like a star. But in Star Shape it comes after cutting the fruit. Because its outer texture is such that when it is cut into small pieces, it becomes a shape of beautiful stars.

-Star fruit or amaras is a light green fruit. It is light and sour in food. During ripening, this fruit turns light yellow and when fully ripened, its color turns orange and its taste is also slightly reduced.

-Star fruit is usually found everywhere. It is a fruit that is available almost all year round. Because it gets two crops in a year. Although it is not originally an Indian fruit, it is also found throughout the year in India.

-Star fruit is commonly used in salads and fruit chaats and street foods. It serves to garnish snacks, drinks and food and enhance the taste of chutneys, sauces, etc.

-As we have told that this fruit contains citric acid and works to give Vitamin-C to your body. Vitamin-C is the same vitamin that works to increase your body’s immunity.

Along with the consumption of star fruit, problems related to the digestive system are removed. Fiber is found in good quantity in this fruit, which gives direct benefit of its intake to your digestive system. You avoid stomach problems like constipation, loose motion, indigestion, gas.

Vitamin B is found in amarus. Also elements like iron and magnesium are found. All these help in maintaining the correct flow of blood in your body. This prevents heart attack, stroke and clotting (blood clotting) problems.

– There are such elements in Kamarkha which can be very beneficial in keeping the eyesight intact. Being rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 properties, it is also beneficial for the eyes. This can eliminate swelling, pain, watery eyes and less visible problems.

– Kamarkha helps to eliminate harmful bacteria that damage our intestines. At the same time, Good works to make bacteria healthy. This keeps our body healthy for a long time and small diseases do not dominate our body.

Today, terrible disease like cancer has also become very common. Because the number of cancer patients in our society is continuously increasing. But consuming Amaras can prove beneficial in protecting you from this problem. Beta-carotene is found in this fruit in kamarkha. It is an element that prevents cancer cells from growing in your body. Also, it acts like antioxidants. This helps in keeping the body healthy.

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