If you are disturbed by cockroaches, mosquito-lizards or lizards in the house, then run away like this


1. Shove Cockroaches like this

Most women are more nervous than cockroaches. To remove cockroaches from home, grind garlic-onion and black pepper in equal quantity and make a paste. Now make a solution by adding water to this paste. Now you put this solution in a bottle and sprinkle it in the places from which the cockroach comes more. If you regularize this remedy for some time, then you will get relief from cockroaches soon.

2. Removal of mice

If you are disturbed by mice in the house, put some pieces of pipermint in the corners of the house and the kitchen. Rats run from the smell of the peppermint. By doing this, they will not be seen in the kitchen again, if you feel that the mice are coming again, then you keep on 3-4 days a week. By doing this the mice will say goodbye to your house forever.

3. Get rid of flies in this way

All the people are often disturbed by flies. These flies sit in the dirt and then sit on our food. Not only this, these flies do not even let them sleep during the day. So don’t worry now. To get rid of the fly, first of all, make sure that you keep the doors of the house closed. And keep the house clean. Apart from this, soak cotton in any kind of strong dirty oil and keep it near the doors. Because flies run away from the strong smell.

4. Measures to remove bedbugs

You can easily eliminate bed bugs from home. You can extract onion juice and spray it by placing it in a spray bottle. Bedbugs die from this.

5. Spook lizards like this

To drive lizards in the house, you stick three to four feathers of peacock on the walls. Peacocks eat lizards, so lizards run away from peacock feathers. By adopting these simple and easy home remedies, you can get rid of these problems easily.

6. Turn away the mosquito

In a small lamp, put 30 drops of neem oil in the kerosene oil. Grind two tikki camphor in 20 grams of coconut oil and dissolve it. The mosquito escapes when it is burnt and as long as those lamps keep on burning, there are no mosquitoes.

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