If you also drink milk in the morning, then stop it today, it causes great harm to your health


We often want to know what to eat in breakfast and what not to get up in the morning. In such a situation, due to incomplete information, we eat such substances in the morning which are very harmful for our health. Because there is a time to eat everything. Only then does she act. Never eat food without proper time.

Often you have heard people say that one should always have a healthy breakfast and because of this, some people eat anything randomly. Actually, the amount of acid in the empty stomach is high and if the acidic things are eaten in this way, then the digestive system is disturbed. So let’s know what you should not eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

Green tea or tea

Some people have a habit of drinking green tea or tea as soon as they wake up in the morning. But those people may not know how harmful it can be for their health. The caffeine present in it increases acid and causes digestive system problems.


We often like to drink milk for breakfast, especially thinking that it will keep the body healthy throughout the day. But milk contains saturated fat and protein which makes the stomach muscles weak. It causes phlegm problems in the morning. Also, products made from it like curd etc. should also be avoided. Actually, curd produces hydrochloric acid in the stomach which destroys the lactic acid bacteria.


If you prefer to eat tomatoes in the morning, then stop because tomatoes contain tannic acid, which causes acidity. Therefore, avoid taking them on an empty stomach.


Most people eat bananas in the morning to gain weight, but this causes your digestive system to deteriorate. Banana is rich in magnesium, so eating it on an empty stomach spoils the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body. It can also prove to be dangerous for the heart.


Eating sweet on empty stomach increases the sugar level in the body. This makes you feel tired all day long. That is why one should not eat sweet in the morning.

These were things that you should not eat for breakfast, but let us tell you that there are some things that will benefit your health if you start your day.

What to eat in the morning?

If you want, you can eat an apple in the morning, it will not only keep your health good but will also preserve your beauty. Eating apples in the morning is also helpful in reducing your weight. Also you can eat oats. There are many benefits of eating this. Oats have less fat. Along with taste, it easily reduces your weight as well as makes your metabolism high and also keeps the digestive system correct. With this, eating oats in the morning keeps you fit throughout the day and makes your skin glow too. So eating oats at breakfast in the morning is considered the best.

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