HTC smartphones: HTC mobile ready to make a comeback, will bring a wallet-like phone – htc mobile may comeback with a foldable smartphone, patent shows weird design


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HTC used to be a smartphone brand, its phones with great hardware were quite popular but this company is now lost in the crowd of Android devices. A good news is coming for HTC fans and a very unique phone patent has been filed by the company. In such a situation, the company can make a strong comeback in the market and its next smartphone can be a middle-folding device like a wallet.
The patent was filed last year by the brand in 2019 and has been approved by the World Intellectual Property Office in August 2020. All the patent related details of this phone have been revealed in the report of LetsGoDigital. A render image of the device has also been created with the help of the patent, which shows how its folding mechanism will work. It is quite different from the current Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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Display will fold out
Compared to the rest of the foldable devices, it looks quite different design, the screen of this phone will be folded in the outside rather than folded inwards. That is, after folding the phone, the display will not go in, but will remain outside. In this way, the user will not need any secondary display on the phone. However, this design of a foldable device does not look durable at all. Turning the display inward would have made it many times stronger.

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Hinge is looking strong
The device that HTC has patented seems to be quite eye-catching. The patent has given a great idea of ​​how the folding mechanism of the phone will work. The bold visible magentime area solid seen in the patent. The company is working on launching its trending products and many such flagship devices. HTC Mobile is working on making its business profitable by 2025 and this device will hardly be seen in the market before next year.

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