How much water is wasted daily in making tea? You will be surprised to know


People make twice as much water as they need while making tea. This wastes as much water as filling 28 Olympic swimming pools daily in the UK alone. This has been revealed in a recent survey of ‘Utilita’, London’s top electricity company.

According to the researchers there are about 4.97 crore tea lovers in the UK. They drink an average of four cups of tea throughout the day. In this context, 19.91 crore tea is consumed daily in the country. However, in the desire to drink strong tea, people use that much water, so it is possible to make 40.01 million cups of tea. If the capacity of one cup is assumed to be 350 ml, then this figure is like wasting 67.9 million liters of water.

A spokesperson for ‘Utilita’ said that the more people use water in making tea, the more the consumption of gas and electricity also increases. Negligence, haste and uncertainty over the quantity of tea are the main reasons for overuse of water. In such a situation, it is better to measure the kettle or pot in a cup and add water. Not only this, after offering tea on electric kettle, gas or induction stove, keep watching it every two minutes, so that the liquor does not get reduced due to excessive boiling of water.

No waste of electricity
-42% of English people get involved in other work by playing songs on TV
-40% battery leaves the charger in full charge
– For heating 38% water, forget to turn on the geyser or the emission rod
-33% keep the tap open while brushing or washing hands with soap
-25% sit on a blower instead of wearing a sweater when cold
-15% turn on the AC and heater without closing the window-doors

Upset with these habits
Sleeping while watching TV
Leaving the light-fan on the go
– Long bath under shower
Overheat oven
-Drying in clothes dryer despite good sunlight
– Do not close the fridge or freezer door properly
-Washing dishes under the running tap instead of using a bucket or tub
– Putting the gadget in ‘standby mode’ instead

Lack of seriousness about savings
-59% of the British admit to wasting electricity and water
Only 28%, however, are serious about taking savings measures.

Short but fat things
– Do not leave the tap running while brushing, washing hands or clothes
-Be sure to turn off the lights, fans, AC-heater when exiting the room
-Set timers in other devices including TV, AC so that they turn off themselves
Dry the clothes in the sun, turn on the geyser-emission rod a few minutes before bathing.
Instead of using the shower, take a shower and take water in the bucket, close the refrigerator door

-19.91 million cups of average tea are consumed daily in Britain
-40.01 crore cups of tea, as much water as the British boil
It was revealed that more than 6.96 crore liters of water has been transported

Truth of survey
-44% of the participants said that boiling of liquor in the desire to drink strong tea
-25% does not know how much water is required to make a cup of tea
-23% believed, electric kettle or potty fill more water in fear of burning

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